Our Consultants bring essential experience and direction to the company while allowing us to maintain a lean management team.

Martin Hunter

Consulting on operations, sales and overall business development.

A strategic thinker and effective communicator, Martin has positively impacted organisations with different levels of maturity in various industries worldwide. With over 25 years of combined entrepreneurial, operational and corporate experience he is known for his ability to translate strategy into solid front line operations. Martin is responsible for the overall development and performance of the company.

Michael Austin

Consulting on strategy, marketing and brand development.

Michael studied at the University of Victoria and obtained his BCom in International Business. For the last 20 years, Michael has honed his skills in marketing, sales and business strategy working with the world’s leading agencies and global brands in London and Vancouver. Michael will drive the companies marketing, sales and business development strategy along with the brand identity.


We have been fortunate to gather together expert advisors to help us define our strategy, plan our production facility and advise us on all legal matters.

Flemming & Singh Cannabis Inc.

Cultivation and extraction planning, organic methods and licensing

Randy Flemming brings nearly 30 years of experience to his clients – covering all aspects of cannabis from breeding to propagation, cropping to curing, extraction to responsible consumption. Prior to serving as the first master grower at Organigram, Randy had been involved as a researcher of cannabis working towards a better understanding of the plant at all stages of its life cycle. He also served as the Director of Cultivation with the American Cannabis Company helping producers to dramatically increase yields at lower costs while enhancing the cannabinoid and terpene profile.

Av Singh is one of Canada’s leading authorities on organic agriculture. After completing his post-doc at the University of Minnesota on pasture-based livestock production, Av worked at the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada and served as the Organic and Small-Scale Farming Specialist in Nova Scotia for over 15 years. Dr. Singh has authored over 200 peer-reviewed papers, chapters, and extension articles and has been an invited speaker to over 500 workshops, conferences, symposia as well as guest-lecturing at over 30 universities in Canada, the US, the UK, and India.

Stratus Designs

Mechanical systems design, process planning, layout and site planning

Adam Clarke has provided planning and design services on over 30 cannabis/hemp cultivation and processing facilities in the last 6 years. He has worked on the mechanical and HVAC design of facilities for cannabis cultivation, processing and packaging, pharmaceutical manufacturing and packing facilities and high-end food production and packaging. Adam specializes in designing customized solutions for the cannabis industry to ensure facilities are designed to account for adherence to GACP and GMP Standards, optimal crop yield, efficient, GMP compliant workflows and long-term reliability, cleanliness and health of facilities / equipment / personnel.

Eric Heel brings a practical approach to the design and execution of cannabis facility construction projects from his background in civil engineering, construction and project management. Eric specializes in the design of cannabis cultivation and processing facilities to ensure efficiency, compliance, and cleanliness and has helped plan and design over 20 facilities across Canada. Eric is able to bridge the gap between a project’s professional design team and the owner’s operations and business team, and provide guidance to or manage consultants and contractors to ensure the owner’s vision is executed without compromise.

Additional Advisors

Legal Advisor

Roland Hurst is an accomplished corporate and securities lawyer with a focus on corporate finance and securities regulation and mergers and acquisitions. Roland also has extensive experience drafting and implementing commercial agreements for clients in a wide variety of industries, including companies active in medical cannabis, mining, power generation, oil and gas, hospitality, restaurant, and technology sectors.

Chief Scientific Advisor

Brandon Clavette has been working in the field of biopharmaceuticals for the last 15 years with world class Scientists. Brandon has had the opportunity to develop an array of technical abilities relating to Antibody Generation and been involved in the generation of lead candidates for almost 80 protein targets across multiple therapeutic areas. Brandon will be our advising our Master Grower with the overall aim to enhance the human response of our strains.