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So you want to be a cannabis farmer…

And in the North? Well Brendan Hogan sure does and that’s why we hired him at the farm to be our Operations Technician and Head Grower. He’ll be working closely alongside our Master Grower – John Lenart who we introduced in this earlier post – and our COO, Sean Stofer.

Brendan has a keen interest in growing organic and will bringing a series of stories to us on the topic. He’ll be posting soon on our Insta account so be sure to follow @arcticpharm_ to learn more.

Thanks for all your enthusiasm and dedication to getting our first season underway Brendan – take it away!

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  • Brendan Hogan
    Posted at 16:52h, 15 April Reply

    Thanks Mike! For starters I want to express my gratitude to the team at ArcticPharm as well as those who personally supported me on the journey to becoming Operations Technician and Head Grower.
    I have been a strong advocate for local cannabis production for many years and found a route to deeper appreciation of cannabis as an important cultural influence; as well as in my case medicine through my life experiences.
    I began growing and breeding cannabis for personal medical use 6 years ago. I immediately found myself immersed in a world of learning I had no idea could be unlocked by a simple flower.
    My experience with organic gardening goes back to childhood (thanks Mom!). However it was the discourse of progenitors of modern organic living soil cannabis practices like Clackmas Coots, three little birds, Microbe man and other forum members, that informed all the questions I could never find answers to before and generated new ones.
    It’s my hope to be able to cover some basic points of organic soil building in my contributions as well its importance to the quality of cannabis.
    I and our cultivation team are still learning new things and revising what we thought we knew every day so I will do my best to include that journey as we move forward with our first season of cultivation on
    The Yukon’s first Cannabis farm!

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