The Science of Organic Growing at ArcticPharm

We’re underway with our first crop in the main greenhouse and we are very pleased with the results so far. The plants are developing well and will soon move outdoors. A lot of work has gotten us to this point including all the great prep work carried out by the Growing Team. Growing organic cannabis is a balance of science and nature and they have certainly applying it artfully – ArcticPharm’s Head Grower, Brendan has provided a bit of a run-down on what they’ve been up to recently:

‘We’ve been assembling the components necessary to build our own active aerated compost tea (AACT) brewer and the necessary ingredients to brew organic teas and build fermented plant extracts (FPE). This was done by using sustainably harvested, wild local plants and berries from our own organic farmlands diverse range of micro habitats and flora.

These elixirs will add microbial life and nutrition to the soil and help our crops to thrive with specifically targeted preparations to elicit root growth, stronger stems and faster growth as well as increased resistance to pests and pathogens and even cold snaps or heat waves.’

Thanks again Brendan and team – the results speak for themselves! Read more about Brendan or find out about our organic certification here.

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